when i step on the scene...

so today... so far so good. having maddd fun with my sister; listening to some music (playing: LMFAO- Shots). now if i didn't have homework to do, today would be perfect. no fights in my house, extra peaceful... i'll let y'all know about my household problems later lol.

ANYWAYS... the procrastinator in me got on the computer and went on Photoshop instead of Word Documents smh. i gotta finish an essay, two research papers and some current event ishh. OH... and a whole bunch AP Stats (advanced placement statistics) word problems and projects. grr... i should've done this or at least started it yesterday. thoughts at the moment: Does ADHD medicine cure the popular "Procrastination Disease?"

as i said, i was on photoshop and i edited a pic of moi (:

just something light. well, i'm actually gonna do my homework now, soooooooooooo spread the word: Beyond Legacy is writing new books =P

*P R O H O T N E S S*
C is f o r ..

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